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Dallas Novelty's list of the Top Ten Sex Toys of 2014hot octopuss pulse iii duo solo

Worn by him, enjoyed by both, the Pulse III Duo is a revolution in couples’ sex toys.

Incredibly sexy and intimate, Hot Octopuss PULSE DUO 23-function Vibrating Guybrator with Remote Control is a unique hands-free experience that leaves you free to focus completely on each other. Enjoy the most amazing simultaneous orgasms, it will turn foreplay into the main event, in addition to the 9 speeds of oscillation, each motor has 6 tried and tested vibration patterns with 8 intensities which you can control independently via the remote. 

Fun, unique and incredibly sensual, Pulse III Duo, with its soft silicone underside and remote control, this Guybrator can be used while flaccid or erect, during foreplay and even during shallow penetration and in numerous positions. This unique toy has a 2nd powerful motor that provides independently adjustable vibrations for her and is improved over the previous model and is able to be controlled remotely as well.

First and foremost, the Pulse III Duo is a multi-award winning male stimulator that uses oscillations to stimulate the man with expanding soft silicone wings that allow almost any size penis to be inserted into the Pulse III. The wings allow you to feel the powerful vibrations all over the shaft that comes from the PulsePlate Technology™. This is Pulse III Duo’s primary function and what sets it apart from all toys that have come before it.

The Pulse III is now 25% more powerful than the Pulse II and boasts state-of-the-art magnetic charging. Another new feature of the Pulse III is the anti-stall sensor which drives extra power to motor to compensate when more pressure is exerted onto the PulsePlate when you need it most. There is also a Turbo Function on the Pulse II that allows you to go straight to maximum power with no stops.

With all of these updates, now couples can have even more fun together with the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo since is it incredibly versatile. The Duo Couples toy can be used as a personal massager or even as a fantastic hands-free addition to foreplay with your lover. An added advantage of the Pulse III Duo's design is that the man does not need to have an erection to use it. On the one hand this allows the user to enjoy the sensation of being made hard but on the other it offers amazing possibilities for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). The couple can come closer to the sensation of making love than ever before. This revolutionary intimacy aid is also great for customers who have a disability or mobility issues since no hand movement is required, the wireless controller makes this even easier.

hot octopuss pulse iii duo diagramAlthough the action required for masturbation comes naturally and easily to most men, this is sadly not the case for everyone. A wide variety of health conditions and disabilities can make the traditional hand movement difficult or even impossible, including amputation, arthritis, cerebral palsy, cerebrovascular disease, motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis, FOP and Parkinson’s Disease, to name just a few. Those who suffer from fatigue as a result of a health condition can also find Pulse helpful as it can bring about erection and orgasm with very little effort or movement on the user’s part. People who need assistance with masturbation may find the person aiding them can simply set the Pulse III in place and let it do its work, for hands-free pleasure without the remote you can try the Pulse III Solo. For easy clean-up you can apply a condom so there is no mess after you have completed your intimate activity.

The Pulse III Duo was designed to be used with a partner in mind since it has an additional vibrating motor and the remote control. The Duo allows the woman to experience powerful vibrations completely independent of the man so if you need more stimulation you can receive that by adjusting the Pulse II Duo wirelessly and quickly. As a solo toy, the Pulse III Duo can be used in two ways. Firstly, when used with lubricant, the Pulse III Duo becomes a revolutionary next-generation masturbator. Alternatively, lubricant-free, Pulse III Duo is more like a static stimulator. In this case the PulsePlate provides stimulation direct to the frenulum. This sensation will be completely different to anything experienced before: testers have told us they experienced a more powerful and prolonged orgasm and that it is like learning to masturbate all over again.

The two different experiences you get with and without lubricant means that owning a Pulse III Duo is like having two toys in one. The PulsePlate technology is the patented system that the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo uses to deliver high-amplitude oscillations rather than low-amplitude vibrations. Medical research has identified that oscillations applied in a very specific way can create incredibly deep and powerful orgasms for a man and the innovative Pulse III Solo has harnessed this science through its PulsePlate. Oscillators are common place in the scientific world; the Pulse III Solo however is the first to bring this technology to the wider male sex toy market. Unlike vibrators, Pulse III Duo delivers powerful and deep high-amplitude waves direct to the man’s most sensitive area, his frenulum.

Made from non-toxic Silicone, The Pulse III Duo is non-porous making it safe to use with water-based lubricants for a truly wild ride. After use, carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water or try the Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this toy separately from other sex toys.

Color: Navy Blue, Black
Materials: Silicone
Length: 5 inch
Insertable Width: 1.25 inch to 3 inch
Width: 2 inch
Powered By: USB Rechargeable Batteries with magnetic charger included
Weight: 5.9 oz
Additional Information: Remote control, dual motors, PulsePlate technology, Great for solo play, no erection needed, Deadly Silent, Pin-Point Accuracy and Powerful, body-safe, 7 speed, Water Based Lubricant Recommended, Waterproof, Black satin keepsake bag

Hot Octopuss, a British founded company changing the way sex toys are perceived. Hot Octopuss sit at the cutting edge of sex toy design, creating next generation toys for men, women and couples, which are designed to fit in with people’s lifestyles, not just their bedrooms.

Our products combine science and innovation to bring sex toys into the 21st century and our products for men – like PULSE II – are as beautiful, cool and desirable as anything currently available for women.