Sex Toys For Disabled Persons

sex and disabilitySex & Disability are 2 things that most people don't think twice about because it doesn't affect them personally but we think this is one of the most important topics that needs discussed. Our customers might be a 70 year old grandmother who finally wore her old school "back massager" out or it could be a 32 year old Military Veteran who was injured while in the sandbox looking for a way to please their lover.

Even though almost 49% percent of America is considered Disabled doesn't mean you have to go without sexual pleasure. Dallas Novelty is a huge supporter of helping people become Sex-Abled and enjoy sexual pleasure again. We are always adding new Sex Toys For Disabled Persons and intimate pleasure products to help people with limited mobility and other issues get their O's like everyone else.

Dallas Novelty is here to help you find something that will bring that little twinkle back to her eye or that extra pep wheeling his wheelchair after an intimate morning rendezvous. There are options in every price range to fit a variety of requirements from flexible bullets to supercharged Magic Wands.